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Welcome to Cash Only Diner

But what's with the name?

"Eat for fun"

This is something I'd hear frequently at the dinner table growing up. It was my mother's translated version of a popular phrase in Vietnamese "Ăn cho vui" - which actually means to Eat for Happiness.

Morning, noon or night, there should always be room for another mouthful or treat (according to Mumma Tran).

Real talk

Our menu is inspired by our owner's mother.

A very strong lady that migrated to Australia from Vietnam, raised 5 children with little English and gave up cooking skills gleaned from a French finishing school in
Hue. The food is carefully crafted by our team of chefs from Rockpool, Spice Temple and Quay.

We hope you enjoy the food memories and good vibes.

1 Barrack St, Sydney NSW 2000

0450 862 147